Street Fighter X Tekken fails to meet sales expectations

Street Fighter X Tekken fails to meet sales expectations

Capcom is admitting sales expectations for their dream mash-up fighter, Street Fighter X Tekken, have falling shorter than they had hoped. During a recent financial Q&A, Capcom made a statement in response to being asked how their 4th-quarter releases had done compared to those of the previous fiscal year, stating that market saturation may have hindered SFxT‘s potential sales performance:

    “Sales of ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ have fallen short of our plan. We believe one of causes is cannibalism because of the large number of other games in this genre that were launched within a short time.”

Although Capcom made such a bold statement, one has to wonder if Capcom themselves hasn’t caused this saturation they spoke of. Considering in the short few years, Capcom developed & released 3 different versions of Street Fighter 4 (Standard, Super & Arcade Edition), 2 different editions of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Standard & Ultimate) & various re-releases of classic fighting games digitally (SSF2HD, SF3 Online, MvC2). Although that’s a lot of fighting games in such a short time, that sort of saturation can’t hold the blame entirely, as the game itself has major heat amongst gamers and fighting loyalists alike: a broken “gem” system, game-breaking glitches & decisions to include on-disc DLC, meaning you have to pay more to unlock what’s already there, didn’t sit well with consumers.

Hopefully Capcom, & the entire industry for that matter, learned it’s lesson but that’s being too optimistic.

Source: Capcom Financial Q&A

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