Simpsons Arcade Game eats XBLA’s shorts Feb 3rd, PSN Feb. 7th

Simpsons Arcade Game eats XBLA’s shorts Feb 3rd, PSN Feb. 7th

With the 500th episode of FOX’s The Simpsons airing Sunday, February 19th, Konami has revealed via Facebook that the highly-anticipated port of the 1991 Simpsons Arcade Game is finally coming to home consoles. Scheduled for release via Xbox Live Arcade on February 3rd & for PlayStation Network on February 7th (FREE for PS Plus members during the month of February), The Simpsons Arcade Game allows players to control Homer, Bart, Lisa & Marge as the family adventure through Springfield to find & rescue baby Maggie. Younger fans who may not have had the chance to experience The Simpsons Arcade Game in it’s heyday will find the gameplay style is extremely reminiscent to X-Men Arcade, another Konami arcade classic recently ported to home console via digital download.

Featuring four-player online cooperative play, both Americans and Japanese versions of the title, as well as challenging new game modes and an “enormous vault of bonus content,” The Simpsons Arcade game is defiantly a stroll through gaming’s history newcomers and life-long fans of the franchise will not want to miss!

The Simpsons Arcade Game, developed & published digitally by Konami, is scheduled for digital release on February 3rd for Xbox Live Arcade and on February 7th for PlayStation network via PlayStation 3. Members of Sony’s PlayStation Plus premium service can grab the game for free during the title’s February launch window.

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