Sega x Sanrio brings about Sonic Hello Kitty

Sega x Sanrio brings about Sonic Hello Kitty

At this rate, what companies haven’t crossed over in someway at this point in time? With stand alone franchises not doing it for audiences, companies have been combining their characters in a variety of ways to pique consumer interest. This experimentation has brought us Kingdom Hearts, and 10 years of Marvel Super Heroes brawling against Japanese fighting game characters, but today brings about one of the strangest team ups yet.

Not one to let Comic-Con steal all the geeky thunder, Sega and Sanrio have announced a series of collaborative character goods that will appear in stores all around Japan later this month.  The plushie pictured above, featuring Hello Kitty in a Sonic costume, will be released later this month at Sega’s amusement parks throughout Japan, commemorating the July 14th reopening of Sega’s Tokyo Joyopolis facility.  Sega has stated that the project will be released worldwide starting in Summer of 2013.

Aside from waiting nearly a year to be able to buy this the only other thing to wonder about is who will Tails team up with?

[Source: Andriasang]

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